To see the Kingdom of God impact every sphere of society by facilitating unity in the body of Christ across the Greater Toronto Area.

Our Core Values:

Community Blessing

• Seeking the peace and prosperity of our cities and region

• To this end, working cooperatively with Government, Business, Educational institutions and other groups

Relational Unity

• Encouraging the expression of the one church in each geographic locality in the Greater Toronto Area

• Honouring our fellow Christians and celebrating diversity within the context of historic Christian orthodoxy

Servant Leadership

• Respecting and valuing every part of the Body of Christ through a consultative style of leadership

• Serving the local networks, helping them function as a corporate church in their locality

• Maintaining integrity before God and all people by personal and corporate accountability in all humility

Listening Prayer

• Calling the church in the GTA to corporate prayer

• Listening to hear clearly what the Holy Spirit is saying to and through the church in the region